About publishing apps for Tea Testnet

I am a web3 developer, but I think there are some issues I cannot understand about tea testnet.
What kind of application should we publish on Testnet? A rollapp or any smart contract? Or something else? Is there a detailed document about this?

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You can register any OSS project that is on one of the supported package managers.
For more details on how to register an OSS project within your project follow this tutorial.
You don’t have to publish or deploy a contract or app, tea is not a separate blockchain, it’s a protocol built on Base.


Thank you :pray:
When I browse the tea panel, do we currently need to go through an approval process for projects packaged with NPM? I can apply for my project packaged with Crate, but I cannot apply for my project packaged with NPM. I wonder what is the reason?
It says I need to get support via Discourse.

Projects on NPM are supported, can you send me the link to your project?


Predictors dApp is an open source project that I coded with Solidity in the backend and React.js in the frontend.
I’m still developing it and would be happy for other people to contribute to my project.

Hey @elontaylor , can you confirm that your project is registered on npm? We could not find it listed in the npm registry.

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Hi again.
Could you please check it here?


That’s great! The tea protocol updates with new projects daily so your project should be available to be registered on tea tomorrow.

It sounds great :fire:
Should I add my project from the panel again? Or did you do this for me?

You will need to register your project, repeat all the steps, check when your project will be listed and try again!

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Hi again

I want to add my project called predictorsdapp but I still can’t find it in the search box.
Thank you

Hi! It may take longer, also see this article to be sure that your project is eligible Why was my teaRank not detected? - tea

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My project complies with the conditions in the link. But it has not been approved for 2 days :worried:

Your project must have at least 1 dependent