Account gone, signed in and it consider as a new account,

i signed up via Google last weak and done all the task, except Break tea rank, and claimed some points…today i signed in via google it consider as new account and ask new username,
i got mail on feb 23 for new account confirmation and github added confirmation,.but today everything gone?..


are you sure you signed in with same old google account?

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Hi, could you clear the cache, restart your browser and try again? Or another browser?

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yes, i also confirmed from my gmail inbox.

i cleared my entire browsing history and logged in,.nothing happend

use another browser. operamini, bravo… try other browser out buddy

i tried bro, see here i attached inbox snap, check the date.

Are you sure you used the exact same address and Google? (not a gmail address imported to Microsoft)

yes i m sure,.i m very sure. all i done via that google account only.

Can you send your tea username please?

new user name: balakr007, please check linked email id…and github account.

Additionally, could you please provide a screenshot of the page you are currently stuck on?

These screenshots are from the dashboard. Were you able to log in successfully?

i cant get it?.i click launch the app then connect Google,it immediatly show new username and github connection,but i did not go with new username,(because i already register).then i try many time it shows same,so i decide to go with new user name.then it show successfully…

even now also i logged in via “G” ,it load then i click my acoount,it immediately logged in…even i add my email address in show my email already registered?

Please check and make sure that you use the exact same email and method for sing-in as you used for sign-up.

yes buddy i damn sure.

Can you send your tea username?