Added project URL in PyPi but not recognized

How long do I have to wait in order for my latest version with the project URL to be indexed and recognized by Tea? It’s been 23-24 hours and it still tells me my URL is missing.



Well, I am concerned that I will run out of time here. All because this can’t be detected fast enough.

Hello, projects are indexed daily, but new projects need time to go through the anti-spam system, or they might not go through due to lack of development and growth.

Hi, well it shows up in the project search list on Tea, but it says URL is STILL invalid. It has been more than a day! :frowning:

The algorithm doesn’t index project_urls.homepage, add project_urls.source:

project_urls":{“Source”:“GitHub - baueraj/v3-liquidity-pool-simulator”}

Thanks very much, I made the adjustment. 22h left in this challenge…

Thanks for your help, maestlin, but it still does not recognize my latest change that you suggested. Unfortunately this is turning out to be a bit of a time waster and I’m disappointed in how this has worked out.