Added .yaml to late, now its stuck

I鈥檝e added the tea.yaml not in time and I can鈥檛 restart the progress now (package: react-native-volume-manager)

It is available now: react-native-volume-manager/tea.yaml at main 路 hirbod/react-native-volume-manager 路 GitHub

Could someone please re-trigger the validation progress?

Hi @hirbod, you will have to repeat the registration process.
Delete the tea.yaml file from the repository, and register the project again, following the steps.

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Hi @maestlin - thanks for your quick reply. The UX for this is pretty misleading. Including a simple info-text could have prevented the need to contact you via the forum (perhaps add a delete/repeat button behind the three dots).

I thought I could not restart the process because it appeared to be 鈥渟tuck鈥 in an invalid state. Thanks for the clarification.