Already 1 days my project still not found in tea

already 1 days my project not found in tea thankz

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Hi, teaRank detectable projects are indexed daily. Newly published projects need to pass through the anti-spam system before becoming detectable in teaRank. So, it might take a bit longer.

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now already on tea … but when i want validation my project on tea i got invalid , im already submit my yaml.tea my project in github my repository in main branch … need help

then 1 project again i cant submite validate
Screenshot 2024-03-11 084159

Im always invalid when im validate my project check reply above plz

your project in github don’t have any dependents

you need have a project in github have package.json use dependencie is name of your package. Example : ‘indonesiamerdeka45’: ‘*’

Another thing is that no one puts all the files in a folder and then uploads them to that github folder. You need to delete the directory and push all the files straight to the master branch

Can you check my project? detectfaces - npm
Thanks so much

your project don’t have any dependents

nope, it have a dependents on npmjs why it is not appear in github ?

i think im already dependencies you can see npmjs

nope, not dependencies .This is dependents

in npm is different with github. Github can’t statistic on how many dependents your npm has

is this your project ?

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yes sir help me plzzzzz

how to appear my npm dependents to github ? I have a dependents on npm but it is not appear on github? Thanks so much

Your project is existed in tea.You can register it

A example you can use a project of a another people and It have a file package.json have dependencies is name of my project.

Example : my project is react-native-modal and a project different have name ‘react-native-clone-facebook’ which has package.json has dependencies is ‘react-native-modal’:“12.0.0”