Ask about oss project

Helo sir… my project done show on tea…
How long my project can i acses for staking tea?


Hey, you have to register your project after which you will be able to stake towards the project’s Bug Bounty Poll.
Please refer to: Registering an OSS Project - tea


Sorry i dont understand… this file add on github repo? Or only wait few day to acc


Is wrong or not?

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If your project is detectable in teaRank, register it. In step 3. you need to download the tea.yaml file and add it to the project repository, then validate it.

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Heloosir how to deleted registrrasi on oss project?

To many invlid project i wan register my npm package because idont know before ,please help how to deleted it

And after how to deleted , please acc my oss project im have add file to my repository , can u check it sir…

This feature is not available yet, so you cannot delete any project at the moment.

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So, what can i do for my oss project can acc :frowning: i wan contribusi with tea sir… help me

Sorry, there is nothing to be done about this at the moment.

Very sad now:( what can i do for the best choice for my npm oss project

For now, you’ll have to wait until the project deletion feature is implemented.