Can not stake to Bug Bounty Pool

I have tried to stake but nothing happen. Any solution?

My balance not change and no Tea staked


I also have a different question. My contributors on github can receive reward if my OSS project is valid and stake successfully
I forgot add my contributors on Tea web. I only add them on github

Hi, could you please send the treasury address of your project?

Contributors added by editing the tea.yaml file won’t receive rewards. Currently, you can only add contributors during the project registration stage.
It’s definitely not recommended to edit the tea.yaml file.

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Thanks. My address 0x926fafe65a313d87a779c17f3bf912b6074950a4

i have a same problem too.
my address project is 0x36ca9a0b2feeaf89343283fb92583a8e581046f8

Thank you! We are investigating this issue.


Any update?
I just see Break teaRank, that feat is in the future?

No updates yet, try later to stake towards BBP.

The Break teaRank task is active throughout the testnet period.

I’ve tried many time. Hope team can fix before the quest end. 250pts is so important for both ranking and value of all contributors.
How i can know min teanRank will be in top 10%. Any leaderboard or something like that?

You can start orienting yourself from teaRank 70 onwards.

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Finally, I can stake Tea to my project. But I have 2 registered project while only one has Tea in treasury. How can I get more Tea in treasury to stake for many different project

Could you send the treasury address of the project that does not have TEA tokens?


You have staked to Bug Bounty Poll.

I only have 10000 Tea for project imgpack and i have staked 5000 Tea.
Project @xuanvufsv/simple-social-web-tea-test show 0 Tea for ProjectTreasury and Bug Bounty Pool this morning. That’s staked Tea in Bug Bounty Pool may from my contributors. I’ll confirm later.
Thank for your support. Sorry to bother you to much :sweat_smile:.

Can you please send treasury address for this project?

I have send it above

You’ve already staked tokens for this project.

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I cant receive 250pts from Stake to your project’s Bug Bounty Pool quest

It’s a known issue, your points will be credited to you soon.

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