Can`t earn my quests-points!

Hello tea team! I have completed the quests of “sign-up” and "Connecting GitHub account, but I couldn’t earn my points for those quests. Please help me, thank you very much!

Go to this link and make sure, you have complete other tasks as well.

I truly have already completed the tasks of “sign-up” and “collecting GitHub account”, but in the link you telling me, the website shows I have’t completed the tasks. I’m confused very much.

Hey Matilde, It’s a known issue, your points will be credited to you soon.

I had the same issue two days ago. Now I checked my dashboard but still got no points. Sad…

same issue, i’ve register my OSS, but still got no points, will this be fixed?

Currently, we’re identifying all users impacted by this bug to ensure that the correct number of points is awarded for completed tasks.

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Hello, I have the same problem, I have completed some quests but still have 0 points.

thank you for this information, keep up the good work