Can’t find my project on tea

For some reason, I cant find my project on tea’s dashboard.

Its published on the supported package manager (npm) for more than 24 hours, has 1 dependent, and (I believe) has a valid git URL.

Anyone can help?

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Hi! If you have checked and your project meets all the criteria it will be indexed, but for recently published projects it may take longer.

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How long are we talking about? Its been 2 days now (with one recent update about 4-5 hours ago), so I’m just curious to know on the expected time.
Also, can you please check my project application? I believe everything is good.

Npm: telegram_alerts - npm

Tnx in advance!

Your project has 0 dependencies, it must have at least 1.

Ah, my bad. I gave you the dependent project.
Here is my project with dependency.



Project must have at least 1 dependent and 1 dependency to be eligible. In your case one project has only dependents and another only dependencies.

Ah, I understand now, thank you for your reply.