Can‘t find my pypi project,help me

github: alphagot812/alphagot (
I have checked that it meets the project registration standard, but I couldn’t find it during registration. Please help to check it, thank you


pypi: tea-alpha · PyPI
pypi: alphagot · PyPI

Hi! We will check your projects and get back to you

Your project has null for project_urls, does not have project_urls.source

There is already a GitHub address here. Can you provide specific information

I have the same problem

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We don’t index project_urls.homepage, we index project_urls.source.

project_urls":{“Source”:“GitHub - alphagot812/alphagot”}

Make those changes and in 24h you can repeat the registration process.

Thank you very much I have modified this question

In 24h your project should be displayed with a valid URL.

What about me?
3 days have passed already.

It has been 72 hours now and I still haven’t found my project. Do you have any other questions

For newly published project it may take longer for indexing. We are working on improving the process.

Hello, the task is about to end, why is my project still not searchable

Hi, your project isn’t detectable yet, either because it hasn’t been indexed due to its recent publication, or it hasn’t passed the anti-spam system.