Cannot find my project for tea OSS Project Registration

Please help i make a node js project and has published it on npmjs, but i cant find it on tea register project page
here is my project

and the repo

Hello, your project requires at least one dependent to be detectable.
Please review the criteria for more details:

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so my package need to be used by someone, and someone who use it need to regist the package to tea ?

It’s not mandatory that your project dependencies or dependents are registered within the tea protocol, but you must have at least one. And yes, a dependent refers to another package that relies on your package.

now it have 1 dependents but still cannot find it on tea

same issue
i have the same issue cant find my project on tea followed the criteria

Your projects may not be detectable for two possible reasons: either they haven’t been indexed yet due to being recently published, or they haven’t passed the anti-spam system. Keep developing and growing your projects to improve their teaRank.

all detected now , thanks

over 3days now and my project is yet to be found

It seems like the project hasn’t passed the anti-spam system yet. You published the first version 3 days ago, and being a new project, it takes some time.