Cannot register a project

Here is my small repo:

What should i do in order to upload it on tea?


Hi @user390 , what package manager do you use?

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I don’t know :grinning: I uploaded my files and that’s all i know. Where can i find my package type? I mean my code uses python scripts so it’s pypy, right?

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No, you have to publish your project to a supported package manager, for more details see this article Why was my teaRank not detected? - tea

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Alright can i change it then?

I mean I don’t see ‘package type’ in the navigation bar, so how potentially can i set it up?

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To set up the package type for your repository on GitHub, you need to create and configure a package.json file in your repository, see Creating a package.json file | npm Docs


So basically i need to copy that:

Edit it and paste in package.json file, right?

Yes, also you have to publish it to npm, Creating and publishing scoped public packages | npm Docs