Can't find my PyPi package

I’ve successfully uploaded my package to PyPi, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been listed on the platform yet. I’m a bit puzzled by this delay and wondering if there’s a solution to expedite the process.

Additionally, I’m seeking clarification on the concept of “dependents.” Does this term indicate that my package is being utilized in another repository, or does it necessitate being integrated into another package specifically?

Package Link:

Repository Link:

Hello, your project needs to have at least one dependent and dependency to be detectable. By dependent, we mean any package that relies on your package.

Additionally, please add project_urls.source to ensure that your project is indexed with a valid URL:

“project_urls”:{“Source”:“GitHub - xrce/mls: Automatically search movie and scrap download links from any site”}

So i just need to add project_urls to setup,py like this?

Yes, make sure to publish any updates to PyPI so that your project can be reindexed.

Still can’t find my package