Can't log in or sign up! Help!

Hi. I signed up through discord. After this i changed password in my discord and got back to sign up process - i connected my github to the account. Then system logged out me and i can’t log in. When I try to log in i get this message:


Something went wrong

Could not get result from torus nodes Duplicate token found

I tried to delete connections with tea in Discord and Github, but it didn’t helped: i logged in to my tea account and in few seconds system logged me out again. Also I can’t signup using email and connect my Github because it already connected to discord and this is the vicious circle!!!

Can you delete my account from tea to let me sign up again or fix this problem other way???

My discord is waltz333. and my github is riodev99

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Hi, have you tried clearing the cache and restarting your browser, or another browser?

hi. yes i cleared cash. now i did it again and it worked. thanks

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