Can't register my OOS project

Hi, I can’t register my project, because I can’t find a project in the list in TEA app. I use PyPi package manager. I sent a request to support, but still have not received a response… Also, I have a few questions about adding Maven repository, when is it planned to be added?

Hi @Cyrp84, could I find out the name of your project?

Regarding Maven, under the project registration, click on “Can’t find my project” and fill in the form.

Yep, the name is - eeron (Eeron · PyPI)
I have Java project on Maven, but it’s stored in my second github account. Can I add one more git hub account to my TEA profile? Or do I need to transfer projects to one account?

This package is not used by any project, i.e. no impact = no teaRank.

You can’t link 2 GitHub accounts to the same tea account, but if you contributed from your main account to that project you will be able to register it.

I got it, thank you!