Can't validate constitution: don't have button "Validate Constitution"

I don鈥檛 have this button from docs:


The tea.yaml exists: tiptap-vuetify/tea.yaml at master 路 iliyaZelenko/tiptap-vuetify 路 GitHub

My screen:


Hi, the project is validated automatically, just add the constitution file to the project repository. (the docs will be updated)
Did you manage to complete your project registration? What status does it have now?

Hi, thank you for the answer!
One new project was confirmed very quickly after being added, the remaining 3 projects have not changed their status for a long time.

It may take a while due to high traffic, could you send the names of projects that have not yet been validated?

It looks like the projects are already being confirmed, we really just had to wait. Thanks!!

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