Check back to previous query

this was the query and solution was " i have to update the package metadata".

will be very helpful for me if you say how i can do that. what should the exact way to change it.

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Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your package directory: Use the command line to navigate to the root directory of your npm package.

  2. Open the package.json file: Use a text editor or a command-line text editor like nano or vim to open the package.json file.

  3. Update the “repository” field: Within the package.json file, locate the “repository” field. Update the URL value to the correct URL where your package is hosted, typically a GitHub repository URL.

  4. Save the changes: Save the changes to the package.json file.

  5. Publish the updated package: After updating the metadata, use the npm publish command to publish the updated package to the npm registry.

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