Constitution file invalid, pls help

Hi, my project is: GitHub - sindu12jun/table-dragger: Turn your old table to drag-and-drop table with columns and rows sorting like magic!

my tea username is: sindu12jun

I have merged the constitution file in repo root, but the validate keeps failing. Pls help, thank you

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Hello, could you please update the repository.url format to:
“repository”: {
“type”: “git”,
“url”: “GitHub - sindu12jun/table-dragger: Turn your old table to drag-and-drop table with columns and rows sorting like magic!

Hi, I have updated it,

but unfortunately still not work :melting_face: , could you give more advice for that

And somehow this field seems outdated, not sure why

Can the deadline be extended? I do have valid project, but the validation continues failing

I assume the validation failed because the repository.url was not in the correct format, you will have to wait at least 24h for it to be indexed.
There is no information yet about extending the points for this task.

hi, now the error message becomes this, pls fix it, thanks

Hi, the deadline expires… can I get some sort of extend? It seems the system not working well

We’re actively addressing this issue. You’ll be able to register your project throughout the testnet period.

Thank you! Appreciated

Hi, the table-dragger registration is is successful, thanks!

I have another project, GitHub - sindu12jun/jira-dev-tool

has the same issue that the Git Source URL is out-dated, I guess 24 hours the index should good, is my guess right?

Yes, within 24h it should be indexed

Hi, it has been 48 hours, but the index still not right, could you help with it

We are working to accelerate the process. Please consider publishing a new version to npm to facilitate reindexing.

Hi, thanks for the help, my 2 repos registered successfully now.

And I don’t know how to finish these 3 tasks, could you let me know the way to finish them?

Once you’ve registered the project, navigate to the project page and click on “Manage Bug Bounty Poll” to stake a portion of the project’s treasury.
To break teaRank, find a way to significantly increase your project’s teaRank.
About burn event, find out when the next burn event will be and tweet about it at the designated time.

For detailed instructions on each task, click on the (i) icon.

Hi, for tea rank, my 2 projects’ tea rank look good

but unfortunatelly I still don’t qualify this task, is it because they’re not good enough?

And I have staked tea, but I still don’t qualify this task

There is a bug, but rest assured, you will receive points for completed tasks soon.

Oh thanks for the instant reply. But bug you mentioned, does that mean the ‘stake task’ or ‘break tea rank task’, I have posted 2 questions above :laughing:, not sure which you mean

And for the tweet task, when will the burn event happen, does that mean it’s not happening now and I won’t get point event if I tweet.

I have clicked here to tweet, but still no points

I mentioned about the staking task to the Bug Bounty Poll, you completed this one and didn’t get any points.

You didn’t complete the break teaRank task, since in order to complete it you need to find a way to significantly increase the teaRank of your project.

To complete the task related to the burn event, you must post a tweet at the time the event takes place, and include the link to the burn transaction in the tweet.