Couldn't find my open-source project

Hi! Thanks for your work!

I’m core contributor to simple-git-hooks - npm project, which has a link to GitHub (simple-git-hooks - npm)

I try to add the project to tea, but it fails with A valid project URL is required to earn rewards...

What should I do in this situation?


Hey @impsloader, could you update the repository.url format from SSH to HTTPS:

  "repository": {
         "type": "git",
         "url": ""

Thanks, will try that!

Yep, right as @maestlin said, you have to remove the git+ (in front of the url) and .git (behind the url)

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I changed repository under package.json to:

0 "repository": {
1   "type": "git",
2   "url": ""
3 },

But it still does not show up in tea… Guess I have to wait until cache is updated …

You need to publish these changes to npm, and within 24h they will be indexed.

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Yep, thanks. Published everything to npm. Gonna be back in 24hrs :smiley:

Thanks @maestlin @onedionys

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