Couldnt validate consitution of my tea project

I created a web3 npm package project in and then later logged in (github). Created a new repo with the name web3 project there and then I commited changes in github. finally when I validated the consitution of my tea project I get an error.

fyi I follwed these procedure

➢ Log in to your account and create a new repository;
➢ Enter a name, choose “Public”, click on “Add a README file” and press “Create repository”;
➢ Click on “Add File” and press “Create new file”;
➢ Set a name to “tea.yaml” and paste the text you’ve copied on Step 3 and press “Commit changes”;
➢ Head back to Step 3, click on “Validate Constitution” and press “Proceed with validation”.

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Hi, it doesn’t work like that, it’s important to clarify that merely creating a repository with a name similar to a real project doesn’t grant you the ability to register it.
Please complete non-dev tasks.

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Hi Maestlin,

I apologize for any confusion. my main issue is that when I attempt to validate the constitution of my web3 project on, I encounter an error. The repository creation on GitHub went smoothly, and I followed the naming conventions as specified. Could you provide me with more details on why the project cannot be registered? Is there a step I am missing or a specific requirement that my project does not meet? I would appreciate any additional guidance you can provide to help me complete the registration process correctly.

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even the non dev task got frozen. :frowning:

This is a scam, not related to tea protocol.

The repository you mentioned contains only a README file and doesn’t offer any solutions or code. Creating an open-source project requires programming knowledge and experience.