Dependencies registered on tea not reflected and also how to get the quorum rules achieved?

Hello Team,

Need help regarding several things

  1. why are my dependencies and dependents registered on tea not reflected even though one of the dependencies is already registered in the tea app ( Green marked on the picture ), could you help to check it?

  2. How to make this quorum rules achieve like 4 of 4 quorum (orange marked on the picture)? I already check my github repository but not find this request that need to be approved, need insight about this


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Hey @ayuk977,
Great questions,

  1. The tea protocol is reconciles different dependencies and dependents for each version of a package which is why there may be a delta in what you see on the package manager and the tea protocol.

  2. The Qurum was set by you when you registered the project, and determines how many contributors must approve any request to the project treasury for it to be executed. Currently, for a registered project, it is not possible to change the quorum. A such feature is to be implemented.

Thanks for your explanation