Did not get point for task Stake to your project’s Bug Bounty Pool Click to see details

I staked 10k Tea in to my project. However, I cannot get 250 points for this task.

Any solution for this issue.

Thank so much.

Hi @khuongjoe, we are working on fixing this issue, points will be assigned to you soon.

Thank for your support.

Have a nice day to great team.

Hey @khuongjoe, send please your tea username.

hi,@maestlin my username is nshen , I got the same problem

my tea usename is testtk1

Thank you very much

hi,@maestlin my username is errord , I got the same problem

@maestlin same problem on my end. My tea username: vadkutsen

Hey @maestlin , same problem, my tea username is HelloRickey. thank you.

Didn’t get mine too @Dikachi001