Discuss about Stake in our project

So, after our project has been registered on TEA. Then, we should stake to the Bug Bounty Pool on that project for complete TEA challenge, right?

I have a question about this.

What is the meaning of “teaRank Rewards Status: Paused”, does that mean rewards won’t increase on staked projects due to lower reputation of registered project (lower tea rank)?

Why the quest “Stake to your project’s Bug Bounty Pool” is not completed after we stacked to our project?

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Hey, great questions,

Your project’s rewards status could be paused for one of two reasons: either its teaRank is below 25 (threshold), or it has staked less than 25% of the project’s treasury towards the Bug Bounty Poll.

We’re aware of this issue and actively working to fix it. You can be assured that you’ll receive points for completed tasks.


Any update for issue “Stake to your project’s Bug Bounty Pool”?
Still not completed until now.

We identify all users who have not received points due to this bug and ensure that the correct number of points is assigned to them.