Don't get the points after stake to project’s Bug Bounty Pool


I already stake some tea for my project Bug Bounty Pool, but I don’t get points, do you know why? how long do I have to wait?



Hey, it’s a known issue and we’re working on it. You’ll definitely get your points for completing tasks.

Thanks for your patience!


Hi, I still not get the points after 2 days. Do we know how long need to wait?

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I can’t give an exact timeframe, at the moment we are identifying all users affected by this bug.

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steeping into a little hiccup we encountered an issue registering your project and looks like the constitution file was not merged in time reach out to support for help

my username is arisiilalink-06

This notification indicates that the project registration process was not completed. This could be due to either not adding the tea.yaml file to your project repository, or attempting to register a project to which you are not a core contributor or maintainer.