Dont registration proekt

I have a problem with what is written in these messages
Знімок екрана 2024-03-11 163917


Hi, you received this notification because you did not complete the project registration.


I see. What should I do with the constitution file on your website, there were problems, they were not merged in time

You need to add the constitution file to the project repository. Do you want to register your own project or a random one from the list?

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I want registering own project

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Could you send the link?


This is not your project. If you don’t have a project, please focus on non-dev tasks.

I have several of them, I don’t know which one you have
Знімок екрана 2024-03-11 191601

These are empty repositories, it doesn’t work that way.

OK, what do I need to do to register my project?

You have to build a project, because the projects you have now are just empty repositories that don’t meet any requirements.

i have the same issue… how would you advise i go aout it??

This is not your project, that’s why you can’t register it, this project has contributors behind it, and only these contributors can register it.