Errors in validating my project

now this!! We could not register your project. Please contact support.

please solve it asap.

project details :

project: tking


Hey, could you send a screenshot of the notification you received, for context?

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here is it

Can you send your tea username please?

Please I am having a similar issue with validating constitution. How do I resolve this

Send please the link to your project.

Or where am I supposed to find the link to the project?

my tea username is :drincoffee

Are you trying to register your project or a random one from the list?

Have you linked your GitHub account in the tea app?

yes, its also showing in the screenshot i gave u

Delete the tea.yaml file from the repository and repeat the registration it looks like the file name is slightly modified, β€œtea .yaml”

thank u its up and running now