Errors in validating the constitution in my project

Here is my npm project: helpdesk-app - npm
it already linked to my git project here: GitHub - balboel/helpdesk-app
and I already merge and push tea.yaml to my project, please help

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same problem bro i also need help

Hi, could you delete the tea.yaml file from the project repository, do a hard refresh and repeat the project registration?

hello, okay i have done that sir

wait what do you mean by hard refresh? i have delete my tea.yaml and do registration again and still not validated

Can you send your tea username?

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tea username β€”> balboel

hello i’m having error validating my project

Could you send the link to your project?

Please send the link to the project package manager.

sorry sir is there any update on my error?

If this is your project then project validation should definitely be successful. Clear the cache, refresh your browser, and repeat the registration process from 0.

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my project has been, rejected it say project constrictions was not merge., what should i do?thanks in anticipation

Could you create a new topic and provide more details please?

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okay im just gonna do that thanks

Am also having the same issue sir

Hello. Please anyone help me out, I’m having issues with registration of my project. Got a notification that says β€œlooks like the Constitution file was merged in time” please how do I go about this?