Excuse me, how can I add people to the registered project?

I have added the user id to be invited in the tea.yml file, but I don’t think the tea project has been refreshed.

my project: auto-friend

Hello, the contributor feature shouldn’t available yet, please stay tuned for the updates.


项目的共同贡献人应该是可以加入的,我在测试网早期的时候看到过那个功能,但是后来没了,估计是后面再开放出来。如果有消息我告诉你,你进 Discord 了吗?

可以谢谢,discord还没加,我等下加进去看看 :laughing:

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At the moment, you can only add contributors at the project registration stage. They cannot be added from the dashboard yet, and it’s not recommended to make any changes to the tea.yaml file.