Facing issue after registeration. I am getting logout automatically under 10 secs

See the attached screenshot. Everything works alright until I login and once I am logged. I am pushed out under 10 secs.
Another problem is I am not sure how I can login then without doing the sign up process completely again.
I am using firefox browser and I am signup with discord. Appreciate any help on this.

Hi! Once you have completed the signup after logging in you will not have to repeat the same process again, you will just have to log in.
Could you log into another browser, for example Chrome, to see if this problem persists in other browsers?

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the only site I am aware is app.tea.xyz and as soon as I open I do not see the sign in open it is just sign up and when I signed up again same issue

Could you make a screen record to check?

thanks it is working fine on other browser, using chrome now, was not working on firefox correctly.

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