FAQs - Staking with tea

  1. What is staking in the tea protocol?
    Staking is using TEA cryptographic tokens to support open-source software projects registered with the tea Protocol. Staking is not riskless but can generate token rewards that are claimable daily and allows you to participate in the governance of the tea Protocol.

  2. How does staking work?
    Anyone holding TEA can stake TEA tokens to OSS projects that are registered with the tea Protocol. The tea web app facilitates the staking process for all protocol participants.

  3. How are staking rewards calculated?
    Staking rewards are calculated based on several factors—how much TEA is staked, the average yield generated by the project, and the duration of the staking period. Staking rewards can be partially forfeited (“slashed”) if the OSS project is not well maintained.

  4. When can I claim my staking rewards?
    New staking rewards are distributed daily and can be claimed at any time. Claiming rewards is subject to gas fees.

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