Git Source URL not found

here is the url i use in my PyPI package and included in my setup file containing the project metadata but it does not seem to be able to find/detect the url.

Package name: TadetextSummarizer
Git Url I’m using: GitHub - Tade39241/textSummariser: it is a text summariser

Hello, the algorithm indexes project_urls.source, not project_urls.homepage.
Please make these changes, and once they are published, your project will be indexed with the valid URL within 24 hours.

“project_urls”:{“Source”:“GitHub - Tade39241/textSummariser: it is a text summariser”}

Hello, I made the change but no effect still: Please note the python setup and metadata file isn’t the same format so maybe that is what the issue is. quick reply will be greatly appreciated as I want to be done before the deadline ideally. Thanks

You’ll need to wait for the updated version to be indexed, which might take some time.