Hello Can you check my project

I can not see my project on tea. Can you check it ?
Thanks so much.
My project: detectfaces - npm

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Hi, it will take a while for your project to get through the anti-spam system as it was recently published.

hello it’s one day but I still can not find my project on tea please check it. Thanks

The detectability of your project depends on how quickly it will pass the anti-spam system. I can’t give you an exact time frame on this, but it should be detectable soon.

it’s 3 days my project meet minium require but not appear in tea, help me

If your project is not detectable in teaRank it means it has not passed the anti-spam filter yet.

hello my project is registered but I dont get 1000 points, when I can get?

We are aware of this issue, points will be awarded to you soon.

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Hello one probem that I steaked 10.000 in my project but now i can not see it. Thanks so much

Could you please send the treasury address of the project?


The treasury address is under the project name, starts with 0x…


I assume it’s a UI issue, you successfully staked to the Bug Bounty Poll.

ahh, thank you so much

hello till now I still dont see 1000 point from registered project. Can you check it for ?

of course why not sure

hello I still not receive my point please check it for me, I also steak but not receive

We are in the process of fixing this bug, once fixed, points will be awarded to you.

Hi, It almosts end quest but I still not receive my point