Hello help me for my project how to green for my project

alreadyall to my project not verify for green what this issue?

Please refer to:

and how to add team to my contribution?
or i must create new project/repositories…?

for my project this only 2 and my team add to 5 team

or i only dependents to add team?

Currently, it is only possible to add contributors at the project registration stage. The function that will allow you to add contributors to registered projects is still to be implemented.

So in the future there will be additional contributions, right?

and now I’m just waiting, is that right?

Yes, in the future, you will be able to add contributors to your project on the UI.

how long do I wait for verified Dependents in tea?

teaRank is updated daily, 24h.

2 days I am waiting but my ranking is not increasing is there any error for me. or should I send you my npm link so you can see it?

may i send my npm link here?

teaRank is calculated correctly, what have you done that you expect it to increase?

I added a lot of Dependents to increase teaRank

“Added” dependents are not considered real projects and do not pass the anti-spam system.

So is there a maximum limit or how to avoid being detected as spam? or what is the maximum upload per day/hour?

You should concentrate on enhancing the usability of your project by focusing on real projects/devs, rather than attempting to bypass the anti-spam system.

thank for information

hi sir i have problem on the up teaRaank, this keep same, any information about criteria to verify dependency or no?