Hello, I'm having a little problem, where my npm project is not detected after 2 days

hello admin, I am a basic level programmer. and I got this information from my friend to take part in the tea challenge. but I don’t think my link can be detected in tea. My friend suggested asking for help on the forum if it lasts more than 1 day. Moreover, the challenge time will run out. Please help . Thank You

npmjs :web3-dasboard- - npm
github:GitHub - afifatunalain/web3-dasboard-: The Web3 Dashboard empowers users to monitor, analyze, and interact with blockchains effectively. It assists users in making informed decisions in managing their crypto portfolios and participating in the evolving blockchain ecosystem.

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Hi welldone! Im not an admin but I just want help to you.Tea needs effectivelly and usefull projects.You need to update or code a new project that have qualifications of Tea. :smiling_face:

Hi, for new projects, it typically takes longer to pass through the anti-spam system. However, there’s also a chance that a project might not pass through at all, especially if there’s a lack of growth and development in the project.