Hello i'm unable to find my project

this is my package
and I cant find it from tea

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Hi, this is a newly created repository on GitHub, your project is not published to a supported package manager, i.e. it cannot be indexed.

I thought NPM packages were supported?

Yes, could you send the link to your project on npm?

this is my second project

This project has only the package.json file, it has no impact or application to be detectable in teaRank.

please check this out

This project was published 2 hours ago and has only the readme file, it offers no solution, i.e. no impact.

no it doesnt have only the read me file. there are codes there as well. also it was updated two hours ago.

hello I am yet to recieve point for my registered project. and also for staking.
which I even did before the expiration of the previous task

You’ll receive your points soon, we’re currently working on it.