Help me to get back to my project

Hello, this is my first registered project:

when my friend make a project, he invite me to contributor, this is my friend project:

after my friend register project to tea and invite me to contributor, my registered project is gone (@legendsky/heloyou) and replaced by my friend project (helorganizex)

and then, my friend remove my address tea.yaml in his github repository but my project (@legendsky/heloyou) still not showed in my tea account


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in my account:

helorganizex still showed, but my project (@legendsky/heloyou) gone.

help me, this is his repo:

organize-rename/tea.yaml at main · hokmeplz/organize-rename · GitHub (helorganizex)

and this is my repo:

@maestlin please help me to get back my project to my tea account

Hello, could you clear the cache and refresh your browser?

still same, i already clear chace, still no change

help me please, i’m confused

We’re investigating that situation, I’ll keep you updated.

K @maestlin , i will wait

how we can clear this

Hey btclow, it looks like both projects have a different contributor address in the tea.yaml file so looks like they’re registered with different tea accounts. Is it possible you signed up 2 different accounts and registered each project with a different address?

@legendsky/heloyou : my project, I registered the project with my account.
helorganizex : my friend project, and I was invited by my friend to be a contributor to the project.

when the project was registered, the first project that was registered into my account was lost and replaced by my friend project.

my tea : 0xgass

help me please, i’m so confused