Help me, valid URL not found, I've tried everything, changed the git+name in jason's package

my repo : GitHub - agnesprilia/mimrasputin

Hi, could you please provide the link to your package manager?

The URL appears to be correct, we are investigating this issue further.
One option you could consider is publishing a new version of your project for reindexing.

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Yes I will try sir, increasing version 1.1.4 to version 1.1.5 like this sir?
Thank you for all your replies sir

And is there no need to wait after changing the version?
Because the mission of the oolong will end in a few hours.

You’ll need to wait for the latest version to be indexed. However, you will be able to register your project after challenge 1.

So after upgrading, I have to wait a while?
Even if the oolong mission is over, will I still be able to register my project sir?

Yes, you will be able to register your project.