How much time will it take to unstake staked tokens?

i have staked in 2 OSS projects but not able to unstake my staked tokens i don’t know why is it showing so, anyone facing the same issue ?

Hi @zalimape,
We are aware of this issue and are working on a solution.

how can i unstake tea

Go to the OSS Staking page and locate the “Staked By Me” section. You’ll find all the projects you’ve staked to there. Click on “Unstake” in the project line, enter the amount to unstake and confirm the transaction.

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thanks for the help i can do now

how much time it will take to earn some rewards on staking . my rewards showing 0 so i cant able to claim to complete the quest.

If your average yield is greater than 0, you should earn staking rewards within 24 hours.

its almost 24 hours completed now and i staked 5k each on 2 projects but nothing earned on that still showing 0

MIne working fine and cool now :boom: :boom: