How to add existing github project to npm package

I have existing project on github ( but its not showing in npm package, its a MERN stack project, how can I add it to npm

Hi, please see this tutorial:

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thanks, is it necessary to have Readme file? because I didn’t create that

now its showing in npm packages, after how much time it will be available in tea search?

If your project meets all the criteria, it should be indexed within 24 hours. this is my npm package, i added it a day ago, but still its not availabe in tea search

Your project currently has 0 dependents. It needs to have at least 1 dependent to be detectable.

how dependent work? how can i have one?

A dependent would be a package that relies on your package.

what should i do now?

You didn’t specify repository.url for your package, add repository.url to package.json according to this format:

“repository”: {
“type”: “git”,
“url”: “

and publish these updates to npm.

i have done changes and publish to the npm package, after how much time npm package will update? @maestlin

The new version should be indexed within 24-48h.