How to fix this i can't register my project

hello sir, why is it invalid when validating the constitution? please give me a solution sir

Hey @mstiq, you have successfully registered your project.

@Babon you have two tea.yaml files in the project repository, delete them and repeat the registration process.
Once downloaded, don’t make any changes to the tea.yaml file, including the file name should stay the same.

I have resolved that and it works, my problem is now I can’t stake, please help sir

Did you get this error when you tried to stake towards the Bug Bounty Poll?
Can you send the project treasury address?

I did not get the message, i can’t register my project. I registered but i wasn’t given the points for it

We are working on fixing this issue, points will be assigned to you soon.

Yes, 0x43b81daee81c7434fb4e2c3f28a2b9ea6ab123be

Could you send please a screenshot of the project page?

Hey @Babon, you should be able to stake your tokens, click on “Manage Bug Bounty Poll” and stake, you can select 25%.

but it doesn’t work sir, it always happens like this. and it’s not just my project that is experiencing this problem. several other projects also experienced the same thing

Could you try on a desktop?

I did this completely on desktop, otherwise I might not have been able to access the website

I have found the solution sir, for the same problem if you can’t stake and an error occurs I suggest you log out of your tea account then log back in and try staking again it will definitely work

but why aren’t my points increasing, sir? even though I have completed several tasks.

We’re currently addressing this issue, you’ll definitely receive points for your completed tasks once it’s fixed.

Hello, I have issue registering my project: GitHub - greattoppyg/tea

Is there anything I am missing? Looking forward to hearing from you

Hey, at this stage it is just a empty repository, not a project that would offer any solutions.