How to stake to your favorite OSS project on tea?

in the task list, there is “stake to your favorite OSS project on tea”, but it is not working right now?? where can I get tea token to stake?

Yes it is not available at the moment, please stay tuned for the updates. In the meanwhile, you can start doing the referral task.

Thank you

Okay. Thanks
Also there is an issue that it is duplicate.
In the first task list, I have added my email and introduce myself, earned the points, but now it shows up again in the other 2 task lists, and remain not to earn the points.
I need to do it again?

stevenlei via The tea Forum <> 于2024年3月6日周三 11:50写道:

If you have already completed the tasks, then you do not need to repeat them, the correct points for completed tasks will be awarded.