I am unable to stake tea

i am unable to stake my tea to any of projects.

Hi @almemun1, could you provide additional details or perhaps a screenshot to help clarify the issue?

Whenever i try to stake this error shown to me, kindly fix this

Could you clear the cache or try accessing the tea app from another browser?

Kindly go through with the attachment.

Could you acces the tea app on another browser?

i try to complete quest of tweeter, i done all ok but in last section i had to put my tea username but i accidently put my tweeter handle. how to solve the issue? kindly guide me.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit your entry.

this is the last request i send to you for fix,but you created another account with same email and i try to solve your bug but still you can"t help me,

i found the bug and you rewarded someone. i found new bug thats why i try to help you. not for reward.

kindly check , almemun.6339@gmail.com how many user yu found?