I can not find my project in tea

It’s a npm project , url is :stxmap-address-rank - npm

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Hi @fsql, currently your package is not used by other projects, i.e. it has no impact to be detectable in teaRank.

Thanks @maestlin If my package is used by other projects, it will be found in tea automatically?

Yes, it will be automatically indexed by the Proof of Contribution algorithm and assigned teaRank

hello sir i also have the same problem https://www.npmjs.com/package/mysecondtea

@maestlin My package is used by other projects, how long it will take to be indexed

It usually takes 24-48 for new projects to pass the spam filter and be detectable in teaRank.

@maestlin got it thanks

hi @maestlin , my second project is also not be found in tea. It’s been 2 days already.
project link: stxmap-rank-cli - npm

Hey @fsql, you just have to wait for your project to go through the anti-spam system, it usually takes a little longer.

thanks @maestlin , and how to increase my teaRank ? Now there are more dependents on my project, but tea didn’t indexed them. My teaRank is 24.91, that is so unfortunate. If my teaRank over 25, the teaRank rewards status will change ?

If you have added these dependents by creating packages that run on your project, they will most likely not pass the spam filter. A package with a higher teaRank running on your project would significantly influence the teaRank of your project.