I can not find My Second Project

I uploaded my project’s JSON but still I can not find the project.


Can you please help?
We have only 3 days for closed that section.I just want to upload my project to TEA before the section closes :pray:

Hi, currently, you just need to wait as indexing projects is an automated process, not manual.

hello sir how long will my project be visible?

The project needs to be published for over 24 hours to be detectable, as teaRank is updated daily.

Still I can not see :pensive:

can you help me please :pray:
I have only for hours for upload my second project.I dont want to miss.

You recently published a new version, please wait for it to be indexed.

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There are only 20 hours left and my project was updated 1 day ago. Will I be able to catch up? How often are projects indexed?

Projects are indexed daily, any development or publication of new versions will certainly increase the visibility of your project.


If my second project is indexed and I can upload it, can I still earn points?

If you register your project during challenge 1, you will earn points, if you register it afterwards, you will not earn points for this task.
However, in the following challenges, there will be tasks related to the registered project.

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