I can’t find my OSS project

unable to find @dineshkandan1990/v2-sdk

Hey, once projects meet the criteria and pass the spam filter, they become detectable in teaRank. Keep in mind that for new projects, it takes longer to pass spam protection measures that are in place.

How long it may take ? the event will complete in 7 hrs. Kindly help me

The duration for each new project to become detectable varies, depending on its development and progression.

Hi i am one of the member of the project @atlantiswap/atlantiswap-periphery130 but its not showing in my account under My OSS Projects

Could you clear the cache and refresh your browser?

still not helped not able to view

Did you or someone on your team register this project?

someone register in my team . any wrong he done ?

Have you been added as a contributor to this project?

yes. But still unable to view

Send please your tea username, we will investigate this situation.

Could you also send a screenshot of the My OSS Projects page?

its reflected now after long time

i have staked but my points not reflected

We’re aware of this issue and are actively working on it. Points will be assigned to you soon.
Thank you for your patience!

Hi Mate Still i have not received Points How long it take ?

I can’t provide you with an exact timeframe, but rest assured, you will receive the points.

Still I have not yet received the points but next quest started . will I get point for it ?

You will definitely get points for completed tasks, we are working on it.

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