I can't find my npm project

Hello. I tried to register my project on OSS project but I can’t find this. Please help me check this. Here is my project: github-action-testing - npm


Hey, you can’t find your project because at the moment it doesn’t meet the criteria, it must have at least 1 dependent and be published for over 24h.

I think my project published over 24h but I still can’t find it. Could you help me please?

Your project does not yet meet the criteria, it is required to have at least 1 dependent.

I don’t understand your “dependent”. Is that “dependencies” in package.json?

Dependencies refer to packages that your project relies on, while dependents are packages that rely on your project.

You mean that if I have any project that relies on my package and is published then it meets the criteria, right?

It doesn’t have to be your project, it can be any other project that depends on your package.