I can't find my OSS project, its been few days since i published it

here my OSS Project


wish that admin will investigate
cc: @maestlin

github URL founded in npmjs packages

please evaluated it @maestlin

my NPM project https://www.npmjs.com/package/adf-id
my ripostory github GitHub - emonridwa/ADF-ID

Your project does not currently meet the criteria as it has 0 dependents / dependencies, and it was recently published.
Please review the criteria for more details:

any update at indexing sir @maestlin ? mine’s still shown as not valid url

its getting update at dependencies, but not updated for URL, any advice? @maestlin

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We are investigating this issue, I will keep you updated.

sir can you chek my new project its still cant find it
my NPM Project daunbawang - npm
my ripostory github GitHub - ujungdaunbawang/AirdropDaunBawang

Check and make sure your project meets the criteria. It is also important to note that new projects may not pass the anti-spam system because they are new and unimplemented. Impact is determined over a relatively long period of time.

i still cant find my project, i’ll make new one project cause my last project dont have Dependencies and i’ve been waiting for 4days

It would be better to focus on developing and growing your current project.