I cant find my project on npm project

please help i cant register my project on tea.
3 days now i wait but still cant add to tea oss project.

i have dependencies and also dependent but still canf find my project

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Hello, you’ll need to wait for your project to become detectable in teaRank.
This process might take longer because it’s a newly published project and needs to pass through the anti-spam system.

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oh thanks sir.
how much day in average for the new project detected

it takes some time to update

I have same question.I cant find my project.
How much day for the new project detected?

The time it takes for your project to be detectable in teaRank depends on its progress. If you’ve met the minimum requirements and published a single version to the package manager, it may take longer. Continuous development can expedite this process.

now my project detected om tea, but i invalid to get validation whats wrong with i validating.
i get invalid validating