I cant find my project!

its been 2 days i couldnt find my project
please check it because i only have 4 days before task end
link : Tea-melonpan

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Hi, I have same an issue. Pls check it I just have 4 days also to did this task work before end.

NPM Link : ahm-tea - npm
Github Link : GitHub - ahmfrdns/ahm-tea


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Hi, your project probably hasn’t passed the anti-spam system yet because it was published recently and only has 2 versions.
Keep growing your project to speed up its detectability in teaRank.

Your project must be published for more than 24h to meet the minimum requirements.

Allright, thanks. But do you think I have fulfilled other requirements, apart from the project being published in less than 24 hours?

Yes, your project meets the minimum requirements.

what about me ? did my project good ? or nah
link : tea-melonpan

Your project meets all the criteria, just wait for it to be indexed.

I have one question, if my project isn’t show yet at oss project then I try to edit my project to better. Is there have to wait 24 hours again?

If your project meets the criteria in the previous version, it will be indexed and displayed in the tea app. Any changes made to the project reflected in the new version will be indexed within 24 hours.

I can’t my project.

What can I do for find my project?

Thank you.

If it’s been 2 days but it hasn’t appeared in the OSS Project, what should I do? I have another project that I have made but it hasn’t appeared yet. Can you check it? I would really appreciate it.

Link NPM : ahm-teaproject - npm

Your project is newly published and may take longer to be detectable as we have an anti-spam system in place.

When you target 24h for the project to be indexed, this refers to projects already detectable in teaRank, any changes or new versions in these will be indexed within 24h.

If your project meets the criteria but is not yet detectable in teaRank, keep developing it, it will speed up its dectabilty.

Previously my project version was 0.1.0 and I had waited about 2 days but it had not appeared in the OSS project, then I updated the version and changed some things like git + do I have to wait again for about 24 hours to wait for it to appear in the OSS project? The project I gave is different from my previous project which was only published in less than 24 hours

The updated version should be indexed in 24-48h.

Allright thanks, sorry if I ask a lot to you.

Hi, sorry disturb you. My project was registered at Tea, then I wanna stake there is have problem all of the point gone, is that bug? how to resolve?

how about my project ? star-boi - npm