I can't register a project

I register the project, insert the file from the tea, go back to the tea and my project is invalid, although I seem to have done everything correctly

Hi, please provide the link to your project, GitHub repository, and the package manager you are using.

hi there, kindly help validate my project

project: https://app.tea.xyz/my-projects/ee4285eb-02cc-4bde-9488-1303cd3d3d6d
github repo: GitHub - avobati/web3: web3
package manager: ruby


Hey, please send your project link on ruby.

i see that npm is available on tea, so i changed package manager.
please see new details

username: avobati
project: https://app.tea.xyz/my-projects/0e28f6f6-0571-4acd-9703-c527e337e3c8
github repo: swift/tea.yaml at main Β· avobati/swift Β· GitHub
project manager: npm

Creating a repository with a similar name to a real project doesn’t enable you to register it. Please focus on tasks you can complete.